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Our blog has moved

Our blog has moved! Please join us at our new home:

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AV and IT Tradeshows to Watch in 2013

True to our goals of learning and sharing as much about the AV and IT industries as possible, Biamp Systems will be attending over 30 national, international, and regional tradeshows and conferences in 2013. As AV and IT continue to converge, Biamp is staying on top of changes in the industry. One of the best […]

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Leading causes of Biamp equipment failure

Even though our products are very reliable (they come with a five-year warranty), the reality is that all gear occasionally fails in the field. Shocking, huh? Although we’d like to say we’ve seen it all, we still get surprised once in a while. We’ve received units from desert environments that were full of sand, and […]

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Automixers 101

(the following is the second in a series of posts taken from our Biamp Technical Newsletter archives) Automatic mixers (Automixers) balance multiple sound sources based on each source’s level, quickly and dramatically adjusting the various signal levels automatically. They lower the hiss, reverberation and other extraneous noise that occur when several microphones operate simultaneously. Typically […]

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Recommended Third Party Products for use with Vocia

Although EN54 does not include explicit specifications for some network equipment, such as switches, below is a list of products that have been used in existing EN54-16 compliant Vocia installations. This is not an exhaustive list of third party products suitable for use with Vocia. Please confer with the applicable Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for […]

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Presets 101

(the following is the first in a series of posts taken from our Biamp Technical Newsletter archives) Why and when do we need presets? Presets are a quick and efficient way to recall a known configuration of one or multiple DSP blocks. The process of creating presets is the same for Audia or Nexia software. […]

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A few things you might not know about Vocia

It’s hard to stay aware of all of the features and capabilities that a robust system like Vocia offers. Here are a few things you might not know: Vocia knows when paging station microphones stop working When a microphone is not in use, the paging station “listens” for ambient (background) acoustic noise.  If it cannot […]

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Introducing Biamp training on YouTube

Biamp’s Applications Engineering and Training team has launched a new online training channel on YouTube featuring a robust series of short, high-quality videos on a range of subjects from Nexia Networking, Wall Controls and IP basics, to Vocia paging configurations and setup to Tesira software and more. These are designed to address the most common […]

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St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel: Old Sight, New Sound

The Vocia® networked public address system has been installed at the heart of one of London’s most famous heritage sites. But as a protected building the project came with a few challenges, like limited space and strict regulations around construction work. Here is how a successful merging of past and present was accomplished… The St. […]

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Julian Treasure on why architects should use their ears

I think most all of us can relate to experiencing beautifully designed environments with poor sound. Certainly anyone that’s been in a hip restaurant with an industrial feel – concrete floors, brick walls and thick wood beams – knows how hard it can be to carry on a conversation with the person next to you. We encourage to listen to this short TED Talk by sound expert Julian Treasure on just how big of an impact sound has on productivity and the experience.

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