Case Study: Using Nexia to deliver exceptional sound in a complex environment

Cathedrals are notoriously tough environments to achieve good sound all around. Sound and Video Contractor profiles a complex installation by Monte Brothers Sound Systems in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut. Featuring Biamp’s daVinci control software and four Nexia digital signal processors, the end result is an easy-to-use system that adapts to the wide-ranging sound […]

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Riding the Wave of Emerging Markets

In another blog post, I wrote about AV/IT convergence as a kind of wave — a trend that businesses like Biamp can neither control nor change, but can continue to ride successfully if we remain savvy about changes to distribution channels and trends in technology. Perhaps because I used to be a surfer many years […]

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AVB at InfoComm – Enough with the Hype

In my conversations with customers, I’m beginning to hear a recurring theme in relation to AVB (Audio Video Bridging): “I’ve been AVB’d to death. Enough with the hype – when will we see real product in action?” I can understand the frustration. It does feel as though we’ve been talking about AVB for a very […]

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In a word…Service

For those of you who may have enough years behind you to remember, there once was a time in the not-so-distant past when things were made to last; if a thing you bought broke, it could be fixed rather than thrown away; and a thing would not be considered old or obsolete upon the introduction […]

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Tesira Training Course Launch

We announced recently that Tesira, our latest product that utilizes AVB as its digital media backbone, was shipping on May 14th.  This information was received with resounding enthusiasm, which makes our announcement today just that much more exciting. Beginning March 19th, we’re rolling out the first of our Certified Training courses for Tesira. Why’s this […]

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HiMSS 2012 – Don’t Forget About Patient Care

Today as the first day of the 2012 HiMSS Conference opens in Las Vegas, there is the usual buzz around the latest EHR/EMR software and Medicaid/Medicare incentives. With good reason – the healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive change that promises to radically impact business, especially IT, for any size practice and […]

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Post-ISE Thoughts

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on another ISE, I’m realizing that, despite the history of the show, this year seemed to be an entirely new show, for a few reasons.  As you probably read, “a 17% increase in attendance figures has seen Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) achieve the strongest performance of its […]

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The Art of Design

The presentation is one of the most important tools available to a sales executive to communicate ideas, products and plans to potential clients. The PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most impactful ways to enhance and convey ideas, capture an audience’s attention and ensure message retention. Yet PowerPoint has become hackneyed. Most PowerPoint presentations […]

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The Magic of Tesira Partitions

par·ti·tion [pahr-tish-uhn] The act or process of dividing something into parts. The state of being so divided. The above definitions can be found in any online or hard copy dictionary. Partitioning is a concept that all software engineers are very familiar with. In fact software engineers love to partition things. There is a common phrase […]

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